Facebook Messenger just made stalking your friends easier

Let your friends stare at you walking around in real-time for an hour.

Now you can let your friends know exactly where in the world you are by using Facebook Messenger.

The Messenger app has a new feature (for both Android and iOS) that allows you to share your live location with another Messenger user, for up to an hour, Facebook detailed in a release Monday. You can stop sharing it at any time.

Facebook says it's good for coordinating when you're trying to meet up with a group, letting someone know how far away you are from an appointment, or assuring someone you made it home after a night out.

You can also still share a static pin – pick an address for them to see, rather than letting your real-time location show for an hour. Here's a little explainer video.

Can I turn this off?

You can block Messenger from having access to your location.

On Android: Go to app settings, find Messenger, then look at the permissions.

On iPhone: Go to settings, then location services, and you'll see a list of apps that currently allow location access.

I'm an Android user – when I first went to share my location, and my location access was turned off, I got this message ...

... clarifying that, if you share your location then stop using Messenger, the app can continue monitoring your location.

Location is one of many permissions Messenger asks for, and that you can turn on or off on your own device. Here's the list for Android. It includes the ability to read your contacts, read send and edit texts, look at your call log, record audio, and more.

Just because it's asking for these doesn't mean it's always using them, or will do it without telling you, PC Advisor noted a few years ago. They also said those permissions are similar to the normal Facebook app, or other services like WhatsApp and Snapchat.

"Sharing your location in a Messenger conversation — either continuously for an hour with Live Location or as a static point — is completely optional," Facebook said in its announcement Monday. "You are always in control."

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