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Fake Starbucks event is a trap for immigrants

#BorderFreeCoffee has been trending, but its a hoax targeting undocumented immigrants.

If you've seen the hashtag #BorderFreeCoffee trending on social media, beware that it's a hoax.

The campaign, which has been making the rounds on Twitter the past week, purports to offer 40 percent discounts to undocumented immigrants on Starbucks purchases on "Starbucks Dreamer Day" on Aug. 11.

Here are a couple of examples of the kind of tweets being spread on the social media site for what is a fake offer.

It's not only a hoax, but a dangerous one, with Buzzfeed doing some digging and finding that the idea originated on the notorious message board website 4Chan, a breeding ground for internet hoaxes, cyberbullying, hackers and memes. 

Messages found by Buzzfeed show the Dreamer Day concept being cooked up, with the idea it attracts undocumented immigrants to Starbucks, with commenters then suggesting a call is placed to Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Starbucks spent some time on Friday telling people on Twitter that they've been misinformed.

And while Buzzfeed notes that some people were taken in by the hoax, others realized pretty quickly that it wasn't all that it seemed.

ICE raids ramped up

Since President Donald Trump took up office, there has been a crackdown on undocumented immigrants from ICE, with multiple reports of immigrants being deported even if they have no criminal record.

USA Today reported in the 100 days after Trump took up office, there had been a 38 percent increase in arrests of undocumented immigrants compared to the same period in 2016.

But while ICE was told to focus on those with criminal records, the newspaper notes the biggest rise in arrests came among undocumented immigrants with no criminal pasts.

There were 10,845 undocumented immigrants with no criminal records arrested by ICE from Jan. 22 to Apr. 29, compared to 4,242 in 2016, the paper said. 

Reuters reports that pressure is also being placed on U.S. cities to relax their "sanctuary rules," where local police departments are told not to enforce federal immigration laws, arguing that they are the responsibility of ICE.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions warned this past week that cities that retain their sanctuary status will not be allowed to take part in a federal crime reduction training program.

But CNN reports that the city of Chicago is suing the Department of Justice for threatening to withhold federal grant money if local police don't help federal authorities with immigration enforcement.

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