Police: Elderly man accused of attempted abduction was just looking for his hat

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Police say an elderly man accused of trying to kidnap a young girl meant no harm. He was just looking for his hat, the Sun Current reports. 

Detectives say the man approached a Bloomington elementary school girl as she was walking home from her bus stop Wednesday, according to the paper. Deputy Chief Mike Hartley told Sun Current the old man asked the girl to help him look for a lost item. She said no and walked away.

The girl's father – who watched the interaction – called the police, The Associated Press reports.  That night, the Bloomington Public Schools notified parents of an "attempted abduction," on its Facebook page.

When investigators caught up with the elderly man, he told them he lost his hat earlier that day and was just trying to find it, the Sun Current says.

The Bloomington resident explained he retraced the route he'd taken when he lost the hat and asked several people – including the girl – if they'd seen it. Hartley told the paper the man was very sorry for the concern he caused.

Police cleared things up with the school, and the school posted an update saying there is no threat.


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