Family Feud auditions are coming to Minneapolis

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Like your family? Like feuds with other families? Well there's a TV show that's right up your alley – and auditions for contestants are being held in Minneapolis.

The makers of Family Feud will be holding tryouts in Minneapolis on the weekend of September 24 and 25, giving you a shot of meeting Steve Harvey (and winning some money).

The ABC Show, which pits family against family as they pick the most common answers given from a survey of 100 people, got its start in 1976, according to IMDB, with Richard Dawson the original host.

After a three-year hiatus from 1985-88, it was brought back with Ray Combs as the host, and brought back against after a four-year break in 1999 with Louie Anderson in charge. Current host Steve Harvey has been there since 2010.

Anyone wanting to apply should email Five family members are required, and applicants are urged to include pictures and – ideally, video – in the email.

More details can be found here.

How to win

There is much debate about which strategies help contestants win the game, including whether to "play" or "pass" after winning the initial "face-off."

Blogger Jason McCreary contends the odds favor teams that choose to pass, as it means the other team has to get every single answer, which he claims is improbable.

This leaves the passing team requiring only one correct answer to "steal" the round.

But people responding to his hypothesis disagree, with one suggesting this does not work in later rounds when you only need three answers.

Another commenter tallied up the most regular winners based on a small sample, and found those that chose to "play" in rounds 1, 2 and 4 won more regularly than those who passed, with more "pass" teams winning in round 3.

WiseGeek, meanwhile, suggests players shouldn't bank too much on stealing, saying that even though 86 percent of all survey rounds end with a steal attempt, only 40 percent are successful, meaning the odds are in your favor if you play.

The website also suggests that buzzing first during the face-off doesn't always pay off, particularly if you cut off the question mid-way through, and also advises "thinking like an average American" when guessing survey answers.

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