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Family of Minnesota business VP killed in train crash sues Amtrak


The family of the St. Paul-based Ecolab vice-president killed in a train crash near Philadelphia is suing Amtrak.

Robert Gildersleeve Jr. was among the eight people who died when the Amtrak train derailed after traveling at 100 mph on a 50 mph-limit bend in Pennsylvania on May 12.

Now, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the Gildersleeve family have become the latest to issue a lawsuit against the rail operator, alleging that Amtrak's "willful, wanton and reckless disregard for the safety of its passengers" led to the derailment.

The suit notes that the 45-year-old Gildersleeve, who lived in Maryland but kept an office in St. Paul, was riding in the business class passenger car at the front of the train, which "bore the brunt of the derailment and was unrecognizably mangled as a result."

The Associated Press reports that the suit was filed Monday on behalf of Gildersleeve's wife, Danna, his two children and his parents.

In total, 19 suits have been filed on behalf of those killed or injured in the crash, the Inquirer notes.

Ecolab CEO Doug Baker described Gildersleeve as an "exceptional leader" who was "instrumental to our success," adding: "We will greatly miss him."

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