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Family of young swimmer who died from amoeba infection files suit


The family of a 9-year-old boy who contracted a rare amoeba infection and died after swimming in Lily Lake in August has filed a lawsuit against the City of Stillwater, Washington County, and the State and Park Board, KSTP-TV reports.

Jack Ariola's father, Jim Ariola, told KSTP Friday that the family is not in lawsuit for the money, but to make a difference.

Jack Ariola was taken off life-support Aug. 7 and state officials suspected that he died of primary amoebic meningoencephalitis. 

The Centers for Disease Control confirmed a week later that Ariola died of the infection -- the second connected to the lake since 2010, when 7-year-old Annie Bahneman, of Stillwater, died from the disease.

The parasitic infection is so rare that only 125 cases in the United States since 1924. According to doctors, the amoeba is found in warm freshwater and travels through a swimmer's nose to their brain -- and is almost always fatal, KSTP reported.

The city has already closed Lily Lake to swimmers, and there has been no word whether it will open again next summer.

See the KSTP report on the lawsuit below.

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