Fargo cop won't be charged for shooting a man armed with a BB gun


The Fargo police officer who shot and wounded a man brandishing a BB gun last month will not be charged in the incident.

After review of the case – which started on Sept. 28 with a late-night car chase and ended with the 31-year-old suspect's shooting – Cass County State's Attorney Birch Burdick has declared Officer Patrick Scott "justified" in his actions, according to the Forum.

After the incident, police said that Patrick had chased Karmen Redshirt – who was on foot at that point – down to a Pizza Hut parking lot, where Karmen is accused of “circling” the officer around his squad car with “what appeared to be a real gun with a laser pointer.”

When the suspect pointed the weapon at Patrick, police noted, the officer fired his gun. The suspect's firearm turned to be a realistic-looking pellet gun.

The incident prompted an investigation, and Patrick was placed on leave per usual policy. It later came out that he had been involved in a prior shooting at his previous police job at North Dakota State University.

According to the Associated Press, he "accidentally shot himself in the arm" in an off-campus apartment about two years ago. He was off duty at the time.

It's not clear what the circumstances of that shooting were, but the news service says Patrick quit the campus police department after the incident.

Meanwhile, Redshirt has since been released from the hospital and charged with terrorizing and refusing police orders, among other crimes, KFGO reports.

The station notes Redshirt had a blood-alcohol level of more than .27 at the time of his confrontation with Patrick. The legal limit in North Dakota for people driving cars – which Redshirt was doing the night of the shooting – is .04.

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