Fargo couple welcomes new baby girl – at local gas station


This kid just couldn't wait, apparently.

A Fargo couple who were on their way to the hospital to deliver their new baby instead welcomed her at a local gas station, where the expectant mother gave birth, the Forum reports.

The girl was born in the couple's vehicle around 4 a.m., according to the publication.

Baby and parents were in good hands, though. Valley News Live notes emergency medical responders were on the scene by the time the girl arrived.

Both she and her mother were taken to the hospital with no complications, reports note.

The owner of the gas station – Petro Serve USA – told Valley News Live he and his company are happy for the couple and hope to send the family flowers.

The identities of the proud parents are not known.

Earlier this year, a pregnant woman's mother helped her deliver her new baby boy Zander Paul in the parking lot of a gas station in nearby Moorhead, KVRR reported.

The family was on their way to a hospital in Fargo, but little Zander Paul couldn't wait any longer, the news station said.

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