Fargo man leaves behind friends, family – and an incredibly short obituary

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You have to give the late Douglas Legler credit for being straightforward.

His obituary, which appeared in Wednesday's Fargo Forum, is incredibly brief: "Doug died," it reads.

But in a separate story, the paper delved into his life, finding out from his family that the former Nash Finch driver actually had plenty to say (and was known for his sense of humor) but wanted to do something a little different with his own death notice.

His daughter told the Forum Legler was fed up with typical obituaries, and complained that they often read, "'He was the president of this, a director of this' and Dad would say, 'What, couldn't they hold down a job?' "

Legler's tongue-in-cheek last words may be the shortest ever to appear in a newspaper, but they follow a quiet tradition of humorous obituaries.

Highlights from an HLN list of some of the more memorable ones to appear in recent years include a Florida man whose biography claims he died "due to an uppercut from Batman," and another from a man poking fun at himself from beyond the grave.

"There will be no viewing," his notice wrote, "since his wife refuses to honor his request to have him standing in the corner of the room with a glass of Jack Daniels in his hand so he would appear natural to visitors."

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