Fargo man recovering after dog pack attack; owner arrested


A Fargo man who was initially treated and released for deep dog bites all over his body after being mauled by a pack of dogs was back in the hospital for infections, WDAY reports.

John Munoz, 19, thought he would surely have died during the Sunday attack, in which the mauling pack of dogs came at him in waves and knocked him to the ground, WDAY reported. Munoz had been walking to the home of a friend in rural Warsaw, N.D., when a pit bull, a Rottweiler and seven others charged, WDAY reported. Munoz threw rocks and tall grass at the animals and escaped to a nearby farm, according to media accounts.

Meanwhile, the dogs' owner Peter Grzeskowiak has been charged in the case, and 14 of his dogs have been euthanized, KVLY reported.

Grzeskowiak, of Warsaw, was to be transported to the Jamestown State Hospital for a mental evaluation, KLVY reported.

“These dogs posed a threat,” Sheriff Lauren Wild said Tuesday, Forum Communications reported. “We knew they posed a danger before Sunday, but we have never been able to do anything. We can’t have dogs like that running around.”

A complaint indicates that Grzeskowiak was feeding the dogs potato chips, and no dog food was found at the house, Forum reported.

Rabies tests on the dogs were pending, and Munoz is getting rabies shots.

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