Fargo men accused of brandishing guns at teens harassing neighborhood


Two Fargo men have been charged with disorderly conduct after three teenagers say the men pointed guns at them in a confrontation earlier this week, according to WDAY-TV.

According to the three teenagers, Gerald Manley choked the driver of the vehicle they were in, the station reported Thursday. Manley then put the car in park and took the keys as the teenagers were told to get out, according to a police report obtained by WDAY.

Police say Michael Pajala had an assault rifle, which one the teenagers allege was pointed at them. One of their parents, according to WDAY, said a gun was put to the head of one of the boys.

According to police, the confrontation has been brewing for nine months, when Manley had a confrontation with a group that has been accused of throwing rocks at homes, knocking on windows and breaking into vehicles. Terrorizing and vandalism reports have been taken in this neighborhood, reports WDAY, and Saturday night before the incident someone drove by and threw lawn clippings on a driveway.

"Based on the facts as we know them we believe those actions went beyond reasonable and lawful," a Fargo deputy chief tells WDAY.

Manley and Pajala say they never pointed a gun at the teens, but they have been charged with disorderly conduct. Manley is also charged with simple assault for allegedly choking the driver. A third man has not been charged.

According to WDAY, calls to a local talk-radio show have overwhelmingly supported the men.

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