Fargo-Moorhead flooding fears ease


Fears of flooding eased in Fargo-Moorhead Monday when the National Weather Service lowered the expected crest forecast to 35.5 feet, expected Wednesday morning.

That's lower than the 37-foot prediction issued Sunday. And it's well below the 41-foot record set in 2009.

Forecasters had feared the double-whammy of a rapid snowmelt and steady precipitation. Workers have spent the last week building clay levees and sandbag dikes to protect Fargo to 40 feet.

"It's great to see as you drive around the countryside, the water is all in the rivers." Fargo Mayor Dennis Walaker told WDAY.

WDAY has aerial video of the region.

The Associated Press revisits the long-running debate over a long-term solution to the annual anxiety over flooding in Fargo.

The plan for a 36-mile canal that would steer the floodwater around Fargo and neighboring Moorhead, Minn., has drawn strong opposition from upstream farmers, homeowners and businesses, who don't want the diversion channel carving through their communities, the AP notes.

Critics say a $2 billion price tag is a waste of money, and North Dakota lawmakers don't want to commit state money until the federal government agrees to invest in the project, too.

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