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Fargo store apologizes for sign banning kids under 7

Store owners said they've dealt with a lot of misbehaving kids.

A consignment store in Fargo got a lot criticism this week for putting a sign on its door saying young kids aren't allowed.

An upset mother sent Valley News Live a photo of a sign on the door of a Plato's Closet that read, "Children under 7 years old are not allowed in the store. Thank you for understanding."

But people were not so understanding.

The photo and story made rounds on social media with lots of upset parents commenting that they would not do business with a store that didn't welcome their kids.

It made such a stir that other Plato's Closet locations, like Bismarck and Grand Forks, posted updates to Facebook assuring customers they are not affiliated with the Fargo one.

"All Plato's Closet stores are independently owned and operated," the Grand Forks store posted. "Everyone is welcome in our store, regardless of age."

The store has apologized

Amidst all the backlash, the Fargo store has posted an apology to Facebook..

"The sign has since been removed and does not reflect a store policy of ours," the store posted."We apologize for any confusion or frustration this may have caused."

A quick scroll through the comments suggests people aren't quite ready to accept the apology, yet.

Store owner Dean Clark and his wife, who would not reveal her name, spoke to Valley News Live.

They said they'd dealt with a lot of misbehaving kids and even talked to police regarding some incidents in their store.

The ban was legal, too. The TV station says stores can ban kids of a certain age because they aren't a protected class of people.

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