Fargo triplets gather for 75th birthday celebration

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A set of triplet boys born in Fargo, N.D., 75 years ago gathered with friends and family Sunday to celebrate their birthdays, the Forum of Fargo-Moorhead reports.

Claude, Carrold and Collin Wahl were born on Oct. 14, 1938, on the family farm. According to the paper, their parents, Theodore and Christine Wahl, were only expecting one child and had just one set of clothes, one blanket and one crib on-hand when the babies arrived.

Together the triplets weighed less than 12 pounds.

The three boys attracted quite a bit of publicity growing up, since they were the only known triplets in McIntosh County, the paper says.

Joining the triplets at their birthday party were their older brother, Leonard, and younger sister, Marie.

While people had difficulty telling the triplets apart, they all had different interests. Collin was a musician, Claude was soft-natured and Carrold was a temperamental animal lover, the paper says.

Still, the Wahl triplets all had the same work ethic and each put 30 years in the same company before retiring, Leonard Wahl says.

Statistics released in 2011 by the Centers for Disease Control revealed that triplets are born in 137 of every 100,000 live births.

In Minnesota, multiple births are on the decline.

The Minnesota Department of Health said earlier this year that the number of twins and triplets born to couples in the state dropped from 2,599 babies in 2009 to 2,297 in 2012, citing such factors as a sluggish economy and improvements in fertility procedures.

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