Farmer reaping smiles with 50-foot snowman

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It's a basic rule of snowman building: You can only build as high as you can lift the head.

Or is it?

A Minnesota farmer trashed that principle this winter when he used heavy equipment to help construct what could be the largest snowman in the state – a gleeful looking 50-foot giant that towers over frozen fields near Foley, roughly 70 miles northwest of the Twin Cities.

"This is unreal," Gerald Harbarth, who drove 70 miles to come see the sculpture, told KARE 11.

Farmer Greg Novak is getting that reaction a lot.

“It’s a smile idea. Building a snowman isn’t original,” Novak told WCCO. “Building one this big is a little different.”

Novak began piling up snow earlier this winter to get it off his greenhouses, and he figured he might as well do something creative with it. He spent two months, with the help of friends and equipment, including a skid loader and silo blower, piling up the snow to create what he calls "Grand Daddy," WCCO reports. Novak used fencing inside the snow structure to reinforce it.

He finally finished it last week. "When I start a job, I like to finish it," Novak told KARE 11.

The snow-giant's eyes are 6 feet tall by four feet wide, and a 55-gallon garbage can serves as a nose. Three 55-gallon lids act as buttons. Branches tied to 60-foot augers serve as arms.

Yes, people have said he was crazy, Novak tells WCCO. “It’s been a long, hard winter. We might as well have fun with it. If you can’t beat it, embrace it,” he said.

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