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Farmers watch weather as crops go into home stretch


Farmers in the Red River Valley will keep a close eye on the weather, the critical factor that will determine whether they will have a profitable year.

Forum Communications reports that the wet spring forced a late planting in the region. Now farmers say that dry conditions and lower-than-normal temperatures aren’t allowing crops to mature, instead putting them in a holding pattern. Farmers worry if there will be enough time for corn and soybeans to reach maturity before the first hard freeze.

There is time for conditions to turn around, but if it doesn't happen soon, quality and yields will suffer.

Meanwhile, KMSP reported on farmers in Dakota County who saws their crops damaged in last week's hail storm. At the 800 acre Stoffel farm near Hastings, bruised apples, dented watermelons, stripped soybeans, and wrecked rhubarb will take a toll on the family finances. Farmer Wally Stoffel estimates he will get half a crop this season--if he's lucky.

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