Fashion blues: Teens lose interest in jeans


A survey by a Minneapolis financial services firm is getting the attention of the nation's fashionistas and trend watchers for its conclusions about what today's teens want to buy and wear.

The business section of the Huffington Post carried a story on Friday headlined "RIP Jeans." It details the findings of "a well-regarded report on teenage buying habits" produced by Piper Jaffray. You can read the report, titled "Taking Stock with Teens Spring 2014" here.

The report finds that leggings and yoga pants were ranked the most popular trend among female teens this spring. Jeans were nowhere to be found on the list, after years of consistently ranking as a top 10 trend.

Teens now prefer "Athleisure" -- the term for workout gear worn outside the gym -- over jeans. Piper Jaffray concludes that yoga powerhouse Lululemon and Nike are positioned to take advantage of the trend, while big teen retailers like Abercrombie & Fitch and American Eagle, along with the old guard of jean-makers like Levi's and Wrangler, may be left holding the (shopping) bag.

The digital financial website Quartz also noted a downtown in the skinny denim phenomenon. The story looked at Piper Jaffray's index of sales growth for America’s teen retail sector. It noted that the Piper Jaffray report sees the beginnings of a post-recession “replenishment cycle,” where consumers will buy more. However, it says consumers are in “pause” mode as they focus on “editing” rather than “investment” in their wardrobes.

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