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Father, 2 children still recovering in hospital after Minneapolis duplex fire


The father of five children who died in a duplex fire in north Minneapolis on Friday continues to recover in the hospital, along with two of his other children.

Troy Lewis has given several interviews to metro media, describing a horrific ordeal as he tried to save his children from a blaze that ripped through the three-story house on Colfax Avenue North.

Lewis remains at Hennepin County Medical Center, where he has been treated for smoke inhalation and spine injuries. Lewis' daughters Shaca Fannie Lewis, 9, and Electra Lewis, 5, remained in critical condition Sunday night, the Star Tribune reported.

"I did my best and tried to save their sisters and brothers," Troy Lewis told KARE 11.

Lewis said that he stayed low to the ground in an attempt to get to his children and get them out of the burning structure.

"You do not stand up in smoke. You go low, and when I did go low, I saw my son, Christopher, and I grabbed his hand and I pulled him to me, face-to-face, and I saw my baby dead."

Lewis told the Star Tribune for a Sunday story that he then concluded the two other children in Christopher's room, Fannie and Troy, were also likely dead. He left Christopher's body to save daughter Electra, he told the newspaper.

“I had a choice to make, a dead child here or ... a live one,” Lewis told the Star Tribune.

Lewis said he brought two other children out, Shaca and Mary, but Mary had already died.

Lewis sobbed as he described the ordeal to the Star Tribune.

“I wanted to get all of my babies,” Lewis wailed, the Tribune reported. “All of my babies. I wanted all my babies!”

The investigation into what started the fire is still ongoing.

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