Father describes 'hellish nightmare' of confronting home invader

Matt Bauman fired his gun at the invader, who fled on foot.
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A father and husband from rural Minnesota says his family is "broken and consumed with terror" after being targeted by an at-large home invader.

Matt Bauman took to Facebook to spread the word about a 6-foot-5 white man who terrorized his family at their home in Pine River Township, in northern Minnesota.

Police are looking for the suspect after Bauman experienced a terrifying encounter in his home on Saturday, with the home invader fleeing after Bauman fired his legally-owned gun at him.

In a Facebook post (which has been removed), Bauman said it was only himself and his son in their home late in the evening (just after 11 p.m., according to police), and they were still awake when they heard the kitchen faucet turn on.

"I headed towards the sound, my son safely behind me, to find this man in my kitchen," Bauman wrote. "I screamed for him to leave, my gun was drawn."

"This man looked angry, I'll never forget the expression on his face ... This man made a puffed-out chest, quick movement at me and I opened fire inside my home at this intruder – I missed."

He described the following moments as "a blur as straight up fear, shock and adrenaline took over." He called his family who were attending a wedding in nearby Backus, who in turn called 911 and neighbors.

"I held my spot with my son safely behind me until help arrived. I have never in my entire life felt more vulnerable or terrified," Bauman continues. "My son is terrified. This man was inside our home and got past a locked door. He was not scared and his actions have only increased this past week.

"He has taken our home from us and he has not been caught. My family is broken and consumed with terror and paranoia and the need to constantly look over our shoulder.

"This man needs to be caught. My family needs to rest. We went from living a happy, fear-free life, to living in a hellish nightmare."

This wasn't the first time they'd encountered him

It was the second time the family believes they have come across the suspect, who the Cass County Sheriff's Office describes as having a "very large body" and wears all-black clothing.

A week earlier, on Sunday, Sept. 10, Bauman said they saw the man looking into their bedroom window, "staring at us while in bed, just 3 feet and a window screen separated him and us."

The man took off when Bauman grabbed his gun and drew it at the window. He then gathered his children and put them inside the bathroom, before going to the front door to find it open, despite having previously locked it.

He looked outside and saw the man crossing their front yard, before disappearing into the woods when Bauman yelled at him to get away. The family slept elsewhere that night, only for the suspect to return a week later. 

Cass County police have issued an alert to find the home invader, and want anyone with information to call 218-547-1424 or 800-450-2677.

Bauman's Facebook post about his family's experiences was shared more than 6,000 times on Sunday and Monday

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