Father, son each win $100K by playing opposite lottery numbers

The game is called All or Nothing – and this Minnesota family did both.

The game is called All or Nothing, and this Minnesota family did both.

Pedro Ruiz, Sr. and his son Pedro Ruiz, Jr. both won the $100,000 grand prize in the Dec. 2 evening drawing of All or Nothing, a Minnesota Lottery news release says, thanks to Ruiz, Jr's strategy of picking the opposite numbers from his father's ticket.

All or Nothing is different from most lottery games. To win the grand prize, you have to match either all 12 numbers called (out of 24 possible numbers) or none of them.

Ruiz, Jr. matched all 12 numbers, while Ruiz, Sr. didn't match any. This marked the first time that tickets matching all and none of the winning numbers were sold for the same drawing.

The odds of winning the grand prize in All or Nothing is one in 2,704,156.

"It’s a miracle, a true gift from God," Ruiz, Sr. said when he went to claim his prize. He plans to use some of the money to visit his mother's burial site in Texas and erect a memorial stone for her, the release says.

"This is a wonderful gift that will allow us to reinvest in the family," Ruiz, Jr. said in the release. He's the oldest of eight children.

All or Nothing is played in Minnesota and Iowa. There are two drawings daily. For more information, click here.

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