FBI releases details of threats made against Prince

Previously unreleased documents show threats of violence and extortion against the Purple One.

Details of historic threats made against Prince were released by the FBI in Minneapolis on Thursday.

Previously unpublished, redacted documents went live on the FBI's website, showing details of two known threats made against the music legend.

One of them details an extortion attempt from someone threatening to sell personal documents relating to the death of Prince's infant son in 1997 to the media .

The other, which dates from 1995, describes threats left on Prince's office voicemail from a woman promising to "make his life miserable."

"Caller makes threatening statements against Prince," the document reads, "threatening to make his life miserable, and threatening bodily harm."

"Caller also threatens to commit suicide," it adds.

The documents are available in the FBI's Vault, which contains declassified documents requested be made public under freedom of information laws.

They were initially released to The Hill in May, which requested them and provides more details on the circumstances surrounding the extortion attempt relating to his son's death.

His son with then-wife Mayte Garcia died when just a week old from a rare genetic disorder. It was briefly investigated by the FBI but no action was taken.

Prince, who died in April 2016, had a 19-page file at the FBI but 13 of those have been withheld to protect privacy and law enforcement methods.

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