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Federal 'sequester' could mean delays for travelers at MSP


Travelers at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport could soon be affected by the $85 billion in federal government's automatic spending cuts -- known as the "sequester" -- in the form of delays, Minnesota Public Radio reports.

As part of the federal sequester, the Federal Aviation Administration has been directed to slash $600 million from its budget.

As a result, MPR reports, the FAA has notified air traffic controllers, safety inspectors and others that they could be furloughed for up to one day every two weeks, starting on April 21.

Sam Tomlin, the local president of the air traffic controllers' union, told MPR that he anticipates delays in and out of MSP could be 90 minutes long, and added that it it would not surprise him if the delays stretched out as far as 120 minutes.

Meanwhile, air traffic control towers at St. Paul Regional Airport and Anoka County Airport in Blaine received word from the FAA Friday that the scheduled closings would be delayed from late April and early May, respectively, until June 15.

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