Feds approve wind farm eagle kills in southeast Minn.


Amid a battle that pits the nation's growing energy needs against its national symbol, federal officials have agreed to allow a proposed 48-turbine wind farm project in southeastern Minnesota to advance, despite an estimate that it would kill eight to 15 eagles per year, Star Tribune reports.

That's a number that federal officials say would not endager the local eagle population, and the company advancing the project, New Era Wind Farm, says it estimates one eagle kill per year, the newspaper says.

The relatively small proposed wind farm in Goodhue County near Red Wing has drawn national attention as one of a few working with federal officials to diminish potential danger to birds and bats posed by the giant turbine blades, the Star Tribune reports. U.S. Fish and Wildlife officials in a letter sent to state regulators say a number of strategies could be used to reduce the number of eagles killed.

Critics aren't convinced. "That is too many bald eagles," one national activist told the Star Tribune of the eight to 15 estimate.

Other critics in the rural county also fret about noise, shadows and health effects. The project has yet to receive approval by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission.

Wind farm proposals around the country have met with opposition from environmentalists concerned about the projects' effects on birds and wildlife. California has about 2,500 golden eagles, and the state's largest wind farms kill more than 80 eagles per year on average, Fox News reported in 2011.

A proposed project in North Carolina, now stalled by concerns from officials at a military base, had also faced opposition from federal wildlife officials who said it posed a danger to eagles.

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Wind farm seeking permission to kill eagles near Red Wing

Developers of a controversial wind farm in Goodhue County plan to apply for new federal permits to legally kill eagles. The Star Tribune reports the permits are part of a federal compromise between the demand for clean energy and the concern that wind farms could kill thousands of birds each year. The proposed 50-turbine site near Red Wing is home to a number of eagles and endangered golden eagles.

New wind farm could face big fines if turbines kill eagles

The Fish and Wildlife Service is advising AWA Goodhue Wind to apply for a permit that would reduce its liability if any eagles are killed by the spinning turbines of its planned wind farm. Without a permit, a second offense could cost the company half-a-million dollars.

PUC postpones hearing on controversial wind farm

Goodhue Wind plans to apply for a permit from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that would allow its turbines to kill eagles without facing penalties. The proposed 48-turbine site is set to be located north of Zumbrota in southeast Minnesota. MPR reports the hearing with the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission has not been rescheduled.

Plan for wind farm shelved to protect migrating birds

The Public Utilities Commission dealt a setback to a planned wind farm near Red Wing. Commissioners decided the plan does not do enough to protect eagles and other birds that could be killed by its 50 turbines. The decision will at least delay the project and could kill it.

Obama officials, states reach deal to speed approval of Great Lakes wind farms

Minnesota is one of five states to sign on to a deal with White House officials that will speed up the regulatory process for offshore wind farms. The deal comes with some controversy: Critics worry offshore turbines would harm wildlife, lower property values and spoil scenic vistas. Supporters say they will mean new jobs, more homegrown energy and less pollution.