Feel-good tale of snowy owl freed from the grill of a car ends in heartache

This snowy owl seemed to be doing OK after being freed by a Bloomington police officer.

Sometimes feel-good stories don't turn out the way you hoped.

This snowy owl was hit by a car on I-494 Monday, and wound up lodged in the grill of the vehicle.

Luckily, Bloomington police were there to rescue the bird. And he seemed to be in decent shape, all things considered, with just minor injuries. 

Check out Bloomington PD's tweet featuring Officer George and "his new friend."

Unfortunately, that turned out not to be the end of the story.

The following evening, the Bloomington Police Department gave an update.

The snowy owl was looked after and cared for throughout the night, but his internal injuries were more serious than they thought. He didn't make it to Wednesday.

It is, sadly, one of those stories that reminds you things don't always work out the way you would like them too, even if things appear to be on the right track. It can be especially tricky with animals such as birds, who have a reputation fortrying to hidesigns they might be unwell.

But there are happy endings too, including this recent rescue of a snowy owl that got stuck in some coffee roasting equipment in Duluth.

Snowy owls – with those distinctive white feathers and yellow eyes – don't permanently live in Minnesota. They make their home up in the Arctic tundra, but will sometimes venture south to Minnesota during winters to hunt mice, rabbits and other small creatures, the DNR says.

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