Feel the Bern: Sanders endorses Clinton to be the next president



Bernie Sanders has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

Sanders – Clinton's former opponent for the Democratic presidential nomination – gave his expected endorsement speech Tuesday in New Hampshire, offering Clinton his support and the support of his followers.


After over a year of clashing on policies, the two finally announced they'd join forces to take on Donald Trump, CNN says.

In his speech (read it in full here), Sanders thanked his supporters, and said he will do "everything I can to make certain she will be the next president of the United States."


The New York Times notes the two camps have cleared the "last major obstacle" to unit the Democratic party heading into the convention later this month, and the general election in November.

The merger of the two camps, however, might not be as smooth as planned since some of Sanders' supporters aren't ready to vote for Clinton, according to Fortune. For example, People for Bernie, a large pro-Sanders activist group, posted a statement saying they are not joining Sanders in endorsing Clinton.

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