FEMA in Minnesota to assess storm damage


Since high winds and hard rain swept across Minnesota two weeks ago, state officials have been asking FEMA for help.

Monday is the day the agency arrives, according to Minnesota Public Radio.

The station catches up with Doug Neville at the Department of Public Safety, who says assessment teams will travel the state and determine the extent of the damage.

The threshold for federal money is $7.26 million. Last Tuesday, the state officially filed papers.

The Star Tribune last week laid out the complexities of getting FEMA, noting it's the second time in three months that Minnesota is asking for federal disaster assistance.

The thought was then that Minnesota would meet the requirement, and since then three more counties have been named disaster areas, making the final tally 26 on that list.

And, indeed, WCCO-TV reports that Minnesota may top that.

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FEMA travels to North Shore to assess flood damage

FEMA officials were on Minnesota's North Shore Wednesday to assess the damage caused by last week's Knife River flooding, which is estimated to be between $1 million to $2 million. FEMA is expected to tour flood damage Thursday in Duluth, as well as affected areas in greater St. Louis and Carlton Counties.

FEMA tour of Duluth wraps up flood damage assessment in 13 counties

One of the state officials who accompanied federal inspectors on their tour of flood damage says Minnesota will have no trouble passing the $7.1 million threshold to qualify for aid from FEMA. A state Senator from Duluth says the feds typically cover about three-fourths of the cost of repairs to infrastructure, with state and local governments paying the rest.