Fergus Falls band marches in inauguration parade


Minnesota was represented in the inauguration parade by the Fergus Falls High School marching band on Monday. The students strutted their stuff down Washington, D.C.'s Pennsylvania Avenue for the second time in four years as part of the presidential inauguration parade.

The band played the same version of "Yankee Doodle Dandy" that the school's band had performed in the 2009 inaugural parade. The musicians add their own bit of flair to the song – they sing the second half of it, MPR reported.

The band was the 80th unit in the parade of 100 units that featured a total 9,000 people and 200 animals, WDAY reported. That's a select group – more than 2,800 groups applied to be a part of the parade.

The band raised $68,000 to pay for the trip, director Scott Kummrow said.

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Fergus Falls goat still on the lam

Remember the story about the goat that got loose right before it was supposed to appear in a Christmas Eve nativity scene in Fergus Falls? Apparently it's still running around out there. A witness reported spotting it sometime Tuesday, according to the Fergus Falls Journal, which has launched "Goat Watch" to track the animal.

Fergus Falls finds its wayward goat

A goat that has been on the loose for 25 days has been reunited with its owners after seeking shelter from the cold in a warm barn. The goat slipped off its leash on Christmas Eve right before it was to appear in a nativity scene.