FICO moving HQ back to California?


A job posting for an administrative assistant at Fair Isaac Corp. may have revealed plans to move the company's Minneapolis headquarters back to California, the Business Journal reports. It states the position "will be located at our corporate headquarters in San Jose, CA."

There are also rumors that William Lansing, FICO's chief executive officer, told Minnesota employees last month a headquarters move is in the works. A company spokeswoman didn't dispute the claim and only said, "We haven't announced anything about a move."

FICO, which calculates and sells scores to gauge consumer and borrower credit-worthiness, moved its headquarters to Minneapolis from San Rafael, Calif. in 2004.

In August 2012, Fair Isaac trimmed its Twin Cities workforce, eliminating 31 positions in Minnesota. The company announced in June 2012 it would relocate its corporate headquarters from downtown Minneapolis to Roseville.

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