On the 5th anniversary of BringMeTheNews - a word of thanks


I wanted to take a moment today to thank you - for helping BringMeTheNews achieve something approximately half of small businesses never do.

We turn five years old today (September 14th).

Kinda wild, really…

Not that we didn’t think we’d make it to the age of five… but we went into this with eyes wide open… knowing the odds.

Holy Man! What a learning curve this has been. It’s also been a real inspiration, in so many ways.

Those of you reading this right now are the first inspiration.

I can’t get over how you have helped us grow! BringMeTheNews is now being consumed by about one-out-of-four Minnesotans online every month. There are several hundred thousand more listening to us on the radio each week. It blows my mind.

Another major inspiration for me personally in these last several years… has been the many people who’ve helped bring this product to you over the years:

• Writers/Producers
• Digital Developers
• News Anchors
• Broadcast Managers
• Sales and Marketing people
• Our Research folks
• Social Media Managers
• Finance people… and those who
• Manage our Sponsored Content, as well.

BringMeTheNews has been incredibly blessed – since our first days in business – to be surrounded by some of the smartest, most inspirational, forward-thinking people I’ve ever met. This, from a guy at the half-century mark, who’s lived a very rich life.

When we got into this space… we wanted to build a business that applied journalism to help guide the public to the best local news stories of the day – among all traditional and non traditional media sources we could find – in real time.

We wanted to save you time, provide context, and cut through the clutter.

We also wanted to do this in a way that approached advertising through storytelling. The industry now calls it "content marketing" and "native advertising." We were the first mainstream news operation in Minnesota to build its whole business model around this concept… and we’re the only one doing it exclusively here today.

Which brings to mind another great inspiration here, by the way: The sponsors who’ve made it possible. I especially want to thank our long-term partners, including UnitedHealth Group, Explore Minnesota, Flint Hills Resources and the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community (SMSC).

The Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community has been especially meaningful to BringMeTheNews… beginning as a sponsor… and becoming an investor and business partner over time. They – along with The Dolan Company, PadillaCRT and a small handful of private investors – believed in us early.

We take none of this for granted. It’s been a privilege – and one we work to earn every day. Our research shows this audience of ours is incredibly loyal… and among the most engaged in social media in the market.

In the months ahead… this business will expand into some exciting new spaces nationally. Spaces we’ve imagined for quite a while. We’ll tell you more about it here – as it evolves. Today, we just want to take a breath… celebrate the milestone… and thank you for helping us make this a reality.

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