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Security tightens at MOA after brawls

A day after a very public skirmish spread across the mall and scared shoppers, security was much more visible at the Bloomington shopping complex.

A day after a moving melee spread through the Mall of America and sent shoppers scurrying into stores for cover, security was much more noticeable at the nation's largest indoor shopping complex.

Kare11 reports that the mall is reviewing its security policies.

Bloomington police called in every available officer after the brawl broke out Monday afternoon. The fight reportedly started in the north food court, then quickly spread. At least ten people were arrested.

Police say they've never seen anything like it. Despite the fracas, MOA officials say the mall was not locked down, no weapons were involved and nobody was seriously injured.

News sources are reporting anywhere from 50 to more than 200 people were involved in the violence.

The Star Tribune reported some bystanders said it looked like a smash-and-grab flash mob, with some juveniles reportedly pushing down bystanders and grabbing items from kiosks.

A spectator caught some of the chaos on video:

Another onlooker tapes a brawl outside a store (note: coarse language)

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MOA officials: no evidence mall brawl organized through social media

Mall of America officials say they monitor Twitter and other social media outlets and there's no indication the series of fights there Monday were organized ahead of time. While they don't know exactly what triggered the extended brawl they say the large number of shoppers and rumors that famous rap stars were there contributed to a tense atmosphere.

Cupcake abandons plans on Grand Avenue, heads to MOA

In the end, the controversy over Cupcake was too much of a tempest in a teapot for owners of the popular pastry restaurant. After a year of fighting the city of St. Paul and neighbors over parking and and a liquor license, owner Kevin VanDeraa is pulling the plug on the Grand Avenue location. He is now headed to the Mall of America and will open the new shop next month, the Pioneer Press reports. VanDeraa says he lost $150,000 in an effort to bring the boutique eatery to the St. Paul area.

MOA parking ramp reopens following accident that kills 1, injures 2

A narrow rectangular concrete span collapsed when it was struck by a U-Haul truck in the West Parking Ramp at the Mall of America in Bloomington Friday night. The span fell and crushed the driver of the truck, who died. Two others were injured. The parking ramp reopened Saturday, although the area of the accident was to be closed through the weekend.

Toys R Us to open pop-up shop in Macy's stores, including MOA

Macy's at the Mall of America in Bloomington will be among the 24 Macy's stores across the country to offer a Toys R Us Express-branded department during the upcoming holiday season, according to a company news release. The pop-up toy shops will be open from Oct. 15 to Jan. 15 and offer an assortment of dolls, action figures and puzzles.

Nineteen charged in MOA melee

Interviews with witnesses and a review of YouTube video, cell phone video and security footage helped police identify the people involved in the fight at the Mall of American on the day after Christmas.

Electrician burned at MOA; about 2 dozen stores lose power

About two dozen stores at the Mall of America were without power for several hours Sunday afternoon after an accident that left a mall electrician with burns. The extent of the electrician's injuries was not disclosed. Most of the affected stores were on three levels on the west side of the mall. In other news, four teens were arrested after a disturbance outside the mall's movie theater.