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Final 51 bills signed into law by Dayton


A day after Gov. Mark Dayton signed the Legacy bill, the final 51 bills sitting on his desk were signed into law Friday, KSTP-TV reports.

Among the 51 bills that got Dayton's signature was the controversial day care unionization bill, which gives home day care providers the right to vote on whether they want to form a union.

Before the signing of the bill, however, an attorney delivered a letter to Dayton threatening a lawsuit, and claiming it was "unlawful and unconstitutional."

Also signed into law Friday was a $250 million higher education bill that includes a two-year tuition freeze at state colleges and the University of Minnesota.

Among the other bills signed into law was a scaled-back, $177 million bonding bill, which includes $109 million for the renovation of the State Capitol; and $1.75 million in disaster assistance for southwestern Minnesota in the wake of April's ice storms.

The 2013 session of the State Legislature wrapped up late Monday night, approving a $38.3 billion budget including $2 billion in new taxes.

The Star Tribune has a rundown of what got approved -- and didn't get approved -- as the session came to a close.

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Dayton signs $496M bonding bill

Gov. Mark Dayton signed a $496 million bonding bill Friday that will result in thousands of construction jobs in Minnesota and includes a long list of public works projects, the DFL governor said. Projects include college campus buildings, flood mitigation, roads and bridges and a $44 million start on the renovation of the State Capitol building.