Final resting place: Fargo church buries 'mysterious' abandoned urn

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No one knows where Adolf Scott's journey began or even who he really was, but thanks to a Fargo church, he may now rest in peace.

The urn containing Scott's cremated remains was found abandoned this past July in a north Fargo apartment house, according to a Facebook update from St. Stephen's Episcopal Church.

WDAY reports that a label with the name of the deceased was found on the bottom of the urn, but the trail went cold there, with public health officials unable to find any record of Scott or how his ashes found their way to north Fargo.

It was then, the station says, that a public health employee who attends St. Stephen's "came up with the idea" to "bury him with dignity" at the church.

On Wednesday night, the congregation held a prayer service for Scott and interred his ashes in the Memorial Garden, in the hopes that he might receive a "proper and respectful burial."

Though he now has a final resting place, the mystery of Adolf Scott and his identity is no closer to being solved than it was when his ashes were found.

The Fargo Forum reports that some of the ashes appeared to be "missing" from the urn, which coroners said could indicate a couple of possibilities – one, that Scott's ashes were shared among family members, and two, that Scott may have died in infancy.

If that mystery is solved and the rightful owner of the ashes comes forward, the remains will be handed over if next of kin requests them, "priest-in-charge" Rev. Jamie Parsley told the paper.

Nonetheless, he added, "it's just a privilege for us to give him a (final resting) place."

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