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Firearms instructor shoots finger at home


A firearms instructor had surgery to repair a finger after he shot the digit with a handgun at home in rural Stockton in southeast Minnesota on Thursday, the Winona Daily News reports.

Fred Petersen, 66, was showing his wife a .38 Special in their home, Winona County Sheriff Dave Brand said.

Brand said Petersen's wife had asked if the gun could be fired while the weapon was holstered, and he was trying to demonstrate the answer when the bullet was fired and hit his left index finger between the first and second joint, the newspaper reported.

“The gun was pointed in a safe direction,” Petersen told the newspaper Monday, “but my finger was not in a good spot.”

A similar story surfaced earlier this month: A 76-year-old Cottage Grove man was teaching a gun safety course when a handgun accidentally discharged inside a school cafeteria.

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