Fireworks to blame in 3 separate St. Paul fires over the holiday weekend

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Fireworks caused at least three fires in St. Paul over the weekend.

The St. Paul Fire Department says the fires did more than $37,000 worth of damage to a garage and vehicle, a shed, and a school classroom.

The first fireworks-related fire happened around 9:23 p.m. on July 3 at Meadow Creek Elementary School's temporary classroom, KARE 11 says. Damage was estimated at $1,000.

There were two fires on the Fourth of July that were caused by fireworks.

The fire department responded to a shed fire, in which someone who lived at the home admitted they shot off some fireworks, the Pioneer Press reports.

Then at 11:09 p.m. Monday, firefighters were called to a fire at a garage – the building was "completely engulfed in flames," the paper says. The blaze did $33,000 of damage to the garage and the contents inside, including a vehicle, KARE 11 notes.

“When it comes to illegal fireworks that go up in the air, there’s just no telling where they’re going to land,” St. Paul Fire Marshal Steve Zaccard told the Pioneer Press.

In the past, the fire department has responded to house fires caused by fireworks, Zaccard told the paper.

The St. Paul Fire Department has not released any details on fireworks-related injuries from this past weekend, according to its Facebook post.

The Department of Public Safety says about 73 people are sent to the hospital every year because of fireworks.

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