First Delta, now Best Buy caught up in data breach

The Richfield company confirmed its customers are affected by the hack.
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Best Buy is the latest company to confirm it had been affected by a hack of the company that provides its chat services.

The Richfield-based retailer announced on Thursday that its customers were likely impacted by the "cyber intrusion" of the company [24]

[24] provided live chat service technology for a number of companies, among them Delta, but was the subject of an 'illegal intrusion."

Best Buy chat services were hit between Sept. 27 and Oct. 12, 2017, during which the retailer says "customer payment information may have been compromised during that time."

"As best we can tell, only a small fraction of our overall online customer population could have been caught up in this [24] incident, whether or not they used the chat function," Best Buy said.


– Delta hit by data breach, customer payment information accessed.

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Apologizing to customers for their information not being safeguarded, the company is directing concerned consumers to this website.

"We will contact any affected customers directly and want to assure them that they will not be liable for fraudulent charges that result from this issue," it says. "Additionally, free credit monitoring services will be available if needed."

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