First it was Amazon, now Apple is building a 2nd HQ

Will Minnesota bid for this one too?

What's happening? 

Apple has announced a massive investment in its business that will include the creation of a second headquarters to add to its current base in Cupertino, California.

It's part of a move to pump $350 billion into the U.S. economy over the next five years. The tech giant remains the most valuable company in the world – a position it has held since mid-2013.

A tech company building a second HQ? That sounds... familiar

Indeed. It comes a few months after Amazon announced something similar, prompting Minnesota to bid to bring its second HQ to the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Apple's new campus is expected to contribute significantly to its plan to add an extra 20,000 jobs to the economy between now and 2023.

The new campus would initially house technical support for customers, and it's expected to announce the location of its new facility later this year.

It comes following the passage of the tax bill in Congress, as a result of which Apple says it'll bring more of its money held offshore back to the U.S., leading to the payment of $38 billion in repatratriation taxes – the largest of its kind ever made.

Will Minnesota bid for it?

You'd imagine so, given the state put in a bid for the second Amazon HQ.

In its bid for Amazon, state officials said Minnesota offered a "gimmick-free" proposal, one that highlighted the state's "talented, diverse workforce strong schools and transportation system."

But we don't exactly know what Minnesota offered Amazon because it kept its bid confidential, as per the request of Amazon. 

St. Paul-based Public Record Media revealed earlier this month that Minnesota's state government was able to duck freedom of information requests related to its Amazon bid because it turned over management of the bid to the nonprofit Greater MSP.

Greater MSP, in turn, told the media organization it couldn't reveal details of its bid, citing nondisclosure clauses.

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