First mayor's office, now "World Dog Awards": Duke the Dog in national spotlight


You might think being the mayor of a Minnesota town would be enough for Duke, an 8-year-old Great Pyrenees, but the canine leader is now angling to be a national top dog. He's a contender in The CW's World Dog Awards.

Duke was sworn in as mayor of Cormorant Township in August, after a majority of the town's 12 voters elected him to the position, according to WCCO. WDAY News reports each of the dozen voters paid a dollar to cast a vote for the pooch. The victory has been described as a landslide, and Duke even beat out a human competitor for the ceremonial position – local store owner Richard Sherbrook. Sherbrook admits, however, to voting for the dog himself, according to ABC News.

“There’s no question that he’ll do a good job representing the community,” Sherbrook said.

And now he'll represent his breed, if not his species, on the CW Television Network when he competes for the World Dog Award. There's fierce opposition, however. According to KSTP, competing canines include Sky, described as the "Supermodel of Dogs"; the Milwaukee Brewers' unofficial mascot, Hank; Peanut, who holds the dubious honor of being known as "World's Ugliest Dog"; and Wacha, Bravo TV host Andy Cohen's sidekick.

You can watch the results on January 15th. The ceremony is hosted by comedian George Lopez.

In the meantime, Duke's watch over the small northwestern Minnesota town should be pretty breezy. He was elected to a one-year term, matching the one-year supply of Kibble donated to him by a Perham pet store, KSTP reports.

Novelty mayorships

Head-scratching electoral decisions involving mayors' offices are hardly a strange thing in Minnesota.

In August, 5-year-old Dorset Mayor Bobby Tufts was defeated in his re-election bid – by 16-year-old Eric Mueller.

There were no hurt feelings, though. The same process that put little Tufts in office is also responsible for his leaving it. Both mayors were picked by the time-honored "draw a name out of a hat" method, though Tufts's name had been entered, WCCO reports.

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