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Fish tacos come from a truck ... why not a cute top and earrings?


Lunch from a truck? That's old hat in many cities.

But how about getting your hat from a truck? Or a purse? Or a sleeveless cotton shift dress?

The concept is still new but it has started and appears ready to pull into downtown St. Paul. The Pioneer Press reports the city council has created a new type of license for mobile retail vehicles. A city official says St. Paul's ordinance appears to be the first of its kind in Minnesota.

The driving force behind the move is a women's clothing-store-in-a-truck called The Fashion Mobile. The husband and wife team behind The Fashion Mobile has until now been limited to appearances at special events in the Twin Cities area. But David and Teresa Grim are making plans to park among the food trucks during lunch hour in St. Paul.

CNN recently took a look at the fashion truck movement, noting that entrepreneurs like the low overhead and flexibility it gives them.

One of the veterans in this industry is a Boston-area boutique that just turned three years old. The founder of The Fashion Truck now offers a monthly web based class called "How to Run a Profitable Mobile Retail Business."

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