You might be Minnesotan if ... you use lake ice as a floating beer table

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Lots of great photos were taken during Minnesota's annual fishing opener weekend, but we got a real chuckle out of this cellphone image, shot by Dana Keliin, 31, of her husband Craig Stevens early Sunday evening in frigid Lake Bemidji.

"He loves to fish. He's really been waiting for the ice to go out," she told BringMeTheNews.

In fact, the ice hasn't entirely gone out on the lake. But that didn't deter Stevens, 30. Without a dock in yet, he pulled on wetsuit and waded in for a few casts – resting his Coors Light can on the lake ice floes.

"It doesn't surprise me at all" that Stevens braved the water, his wife said. "I wouldn't go in there."

The photo (we spotted it on Reddit) was taken from the couple's backyard. They moved from the Twin Cities to the lakeside place in January when work brought them to Bemidji.

Alas, like Gov. Mark Dayton, Stevens didn't catch anything his first day out this season.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources estimated that roughly 500,000 of the state's 1.5 million licensed anglers took to the state's famed lakes for opener weekend, including Dayton and BringMeTheNews CEO and founder Rick Kupchella.

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