Fitbit's numbers say 'America's fittest city' is in Minnesota

One reason people in Duluth are fit: they get more sleep.

Step aside, Madison, Wisconsin.

Fitbit says the 2016 numbers from its 10 million-plus fitness tracking devices around the country show no American town was in better shape last year than Duluth, Minnesota. Duluth dethroned Madison, which finished first in last year's tally.

Fitbit combines four numbers to rank cities (and countries, too): average number of steps per day, minutes of physical activity per day, resting heart rate, and sleep duration.

Yes, sleeping is one of the keys to fitness, Fitbit says. And Duluthians are good at that part. Their average of seven hours and six minutes per night was second most among American cities, the News Tribune says. They were third among cities in average steps (8,174) and active minutes (20.6).

Two other Minnesota cities made Fitbit's top 20, with Rochester finishing eighth and Minneapolis 20th. That's actually a pretty big tumble for Minneapolis, which finished second to Madison a year ago. Madison is one of five Wisconsin cities in this year's top 20.

The title of "Fittest City in America" might lose a little luster, though, if you read further in Fitbit's announcement and see that the U.S. lags behind a lot of other countries.

Fitbit says the data from more than 23 million users around the world put the U.S. in 28th place among countries. Ireland and the United Kingdom finished first and second, respectively, with Sweden, the Netherlands, and Switzerland rounding out the top five. The top ten countries are listed here.

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