Five people assaulted by large groups of men near U of M campus


Five people were assaulted by large groups of men near the University of Minnesota on Monday.

The incidents have prompted a warning to students from the U of M, even though the assaults occurred off campus.

At 2 a.m. on Sunday, police were called to a property near the intersection of 17th Ave. and University, after a homeowner was assaulted when he told a group of around 20 men to leave his front yard.

After assaulting the homeowner, the group assaulted another person as they walked down University Ave. Neither victim required medical attention.

About five minutes later, a smaller group of around five men assaulted a group of three people in the same area – one of them was injured and required medical attention.

Detailed descriptions of the suspects have not been made available, but in the last incident the suspects drove off in a black Subaru.

Anyone with information can call the police tips department on 612-692-8477, or visit the Minneapolis Police Tips website.

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