Update: Louis C.K. says sexual misconduct allegations against him are true

The comedian admits to misconduct, says he'll try to learn from it.
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Louis C.K. said in a statement Friday that the sexual misconduct allegations leveled against him in a New York Times article this week are true. 

C.K. said in part: "I have been remorseful of my actions. And I've tried to learn from them. And run from them. Now I'm aware of the extent of the impact of my actions."

Later he writes: "I also took advantage of the fact that I was widely admired in my and their community, which disabled them from sharing their story and brought hardship to them when they tried because people who look up to me didn't want to hear it." 

You can read his full eight paragraph statement here

Response to the statement

In the early reaction to C.K.'s acknowledgment of his misconduct, some people praised him for owning up to what he did. Others noted that his statement did not explicitly include an apology. 

Below is our story published Thursday on the allegations against Louis C.K.:

Emmy-winning comedian Louis C.K. is accused of sexual misconduct by five women in a New York Times article published Thursday. 

His publicist told the Times Louis C.K. would not answer questions about the claims, which allegedly occurred over the last 15 years. 

Later Thursday, next week's premiere of his new movie I Love You, Daddy was canceled, as was the comedian's scheduled appearance on Late Night with Stephen Colbert, Variety reports.

What they're saying he did

The women who spoke to the Times all worked with Louis C.K. on various comedy projects. The newspaper identified four of them; the other remained anonymous. 

The comedy duo of Dana Min Goodman and Julia Wolov said they first thought Louis C.K. was joking when he asked them in a Colorado hotel room in 2002 if he could take out his penis. 

“And then he really did it,” Goodman told the newspaper. “He proceeded to take all of his clothes off, and get completely naked, and started masturbating.”

The women said they held onto each other, screaming and laughing in shock, before fleeing the room. 

Another woman said she turned Louis C.K. down when he asked her to watch him masturbate. 

The Times says these are the first public accounts of misconduct by Louis C.K. after years of rumors about it. 

Movie premiere canceled

The company distributing I Love You, Daddy announced the cancellation of the premiere in a statement, saying "There is never a place for the behavior detailed in these allegations. As a result, we are giving careful consideration to the timing and release of the film and continuing to review the situation,” USA Today reports

The Times says the movie includes a scene where a character pretends to masturbate in front of other people – and other characters dismiss rumors that he's a sexual predator. 

A surge of sex misconduct complaints

A reviewer in Fast Company says the timing of Louis C.K.'s new movie is disastrous, given the complaints against Harvey Weinstein that have shaken up Hollywood. 

It's been a month since the Weinstein allegations became public and NBC lists 18 other men with powerful positions in entertainment, business, and politics who have been accused since then.

This week sexual harassment allegations also emerged at the Minnesota Capitol, where state Sen. Dan Schoen is under pressure to resign after complaints detailed by DFL colleagues who spoke to MinnPost.

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