Flag feud pits VFW against MnDOT

After flying American flags for eight years over five highway overpasses, the Minnesota Department of Transportation has told the Palmer Lake VFW in Brooklyn Park to take them down, WCCO reports. For safety reasons, a state law forbids people from affixing objects to an overpass. But VFW officials say they should be able to fly the flag wherever they want.
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The Palmer Lake VFW in Brooklyn Park is battling the Minnesota Department of Transportation over whether the VFW can fly U.S. flags on highway overpases. State law prohibits attaching anything to overpasses for safety reasons. But VFW officials say they have done it for years with no problems.

A rally is planned for 6 p.m. Sunday on one of the bridges. WCCO has the story:

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Addressing controversy, MnDOT to put flags on metro bridges

The Minnesota Department of Transportation said Friday that it will install U.S. flags on a number of bridges in the northwest Twin Cities metro area. The move comes after MnDOT faced numerous complaints from the public and a VFW in Brooklyn Park over the removal of flags illegally placed on bridges in the metro.

U.S. flags fly again on bridges ... but now they need lights

A controversy seemed to be quelled last week after a VFW chapter complained that the Minnesota Department of Transportation was making it remove U.S. flags that the VFW had placed on highway bridges in Brooklyn Park, citing safety reasons. MnDOT officials agreed to affix the flags themselves. But at least one of the flags has no lighting. So MnDOT plans to light the flags, too, but it was not clear when, or how much it would cost, KSTP reports.

MnDOT on standby for road buckles

With heavy traffic, humidity and temperatures hovering around the 90 degree mark, the Minnesota Department of Transportation says its ready to respond to any road buckling on the state's highways. MnDOT says so far, no roads have buckled due to the conditions.

Mild winter translates into about $20M in savings for MnDOT

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) saved about $20 million last winter thanks to a milder temperatures and a below average snowfall. WCCO-TV reports that MnDOT spent $45.9 million on winter maintenance over the winter, down from $66.1 million the year before. The state says the extra cash will come in handy in other areas.

MnDOT releases list of 2012 construction projects

The Minnesota Department of Transportation will spend $1.1 billion on more than 300 projects across the state this year. Among the projects include improvements to railroad crossings, repair seawalls and docks and make improvements on runways and terminals at regional airports.

State-of-the-art technology wheels in new bridge

Crews with the Minnesota Department of Transportation used a "self-propelled modular transporter" for the first time to move the Maryland Avenue bridge over Interstate 35E Saturday. Kent Barnard with MnDOT tells KARE 11 the new technology reduced closure time for the bridge deck by 50 percent.