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Fleeing pickup driver causes 10 crashes during 3-hour police chase

This truck was used to cause 10 collisions in the east metro during an hours-long chase by police.

A fugitive escaping the scene of a suspected shoplifting caused 10 collisions in the east metro – including damaging a squad car – during an hours-long pursuit by police.

Police had to pull back on several occasions because the white truck, pictured above, was being driven so erratically that it was a danger to public safety.

The Ramsey County Sheriff's Office said it took six agencies, two K9s, and a helicopter crew to apprehend the driver and passenger on Friday, who used the pickup to "wreak havoc" across an area included St. Paul, North St. Paul, Maplewood, White Bear Lake and Anoka County.

They were caught and arrested, but not before their actions "endangered our citizens," the Ramsey County Sheriff's Office said, describing their actions as "not cool."

The Pioneer Press reports the incident began at 1 p.m. Friday and by the end of the three-hour chase it left a trail of damage as the driver caused 10 crashes, fortunately none of which were serious.

After cutting a trail through various east and north metro areas, the driver turned south on I-35, before he and another man in the pickup abandoned the vehicle in a St. Paul alley and fled on foot, the newspaper notes.

They were arrested at a house in St. Paul around 4:30 p.m. after being tracked by the helicopter and K9s.

One commenter on the Ramsey County Sheriff's Office Facebook page said: "I saw this happen first hand yesterday. My wife and I were waiting at the stop light on 61 facing Kowalski's when this guy came barreling from White bear avenue onto 61, then into Kowalski's parking lot. It was surreal!"

"CONGRATS on catching these bozos," he added.

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