Flier for St. Paul primary candidate offers free car in exchange for vote


A flier supporting a St. Paul candidate standing in Tuesday's Minnesota primaries is proving controversial after some claim it bribes people to vote.

"Vote for Rashad Anthony Turner August 9th in the DFL Primary and Enter to WIN A FREE CAR," the flier, which has been shared on social media since it was found in the Ravoux Street area earlier this week, proclaims.

It was issued by car dealer Miki Lewis-Frost, a supporter of Turner, the Black Lives Matter advisor who is running against DFL-endorsed state Rep. Rena Moran in House District 65A.


Concerns have been raised that the flier is illegal, falling foul of Minnesota State Statue 211B.13, which states that it is a felony to offer "money, food, liquor, clothing, entertainment, or other thing of monetary value" to induce a voter to vote a particular way at an election.

The Pioneer Press spoke with Turner, who denied his campaign's involvement in the flier but did say he knew the car dealer listed on it, who he said supports his primary bid.

Turner told the newspaper he'd called the Ramsey County Elections Manager to determine if he was legally required to take action over the flier, but chose not to.

Lewis-Frost told KSTP the flier is encouraging people to vote however they choose, but added: "I'm personally voting for Rashad in my district, but I mean everyone has their own free choice to do what they want. I just hope that you come out period."

The TV station spoke to political science professor Larry Jacobs, of the University of Minnesota, who said: "This is wrong ethically. There is an onus on the candidate to take every step possible and this candidate should have filed a complaint."

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