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'Flight attendants, prepare for a really skinny tornado'


When the airplane you're on is coming in for a landing, it's not unusual to peer out the window to see a familiar lake or tall building.

But what Erika Morral saw when her plane descended into Omaha Thursday – that is unusual.


The snake-like funnel was also being watched by thousands of others in Omaha and its neighbor across the Missouri River, Council Bluffs, Iowa.

The Weather Channel calls it a skinny tornado. But technically it wasn't really a tornado, it was a fair weather waterspout (more on that below).

The Omaha World Herald reports it formed over Lake Manawa, danced around for about 10 minutes, and then dissipated without causing any damage.

And it posed for a lot of photos during those 10 minutes.




There's also video of the spout here.

What's a waterspout?

As KETV explains, some waterspouts are tornadoes that move from land to a body of water. But there's another kind, the fair weather waterspouts.

The National Weather Service says these spouts are not associated with a storm at all.

Essentially, they form when two cooler weather fronts meet over a body of water that's giving off warm, humid air. The combination causes the air to start rotating. The funnel starts on the surface of the water and then rises skyward, sometimes thousands of feet up.

Find more about them here. Or here or here.

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