Flight crew goes extra mile for birthday traveler flying after chemo


On the morning of his 22nd birthday, Dawn Marchiafava's son Kyle was boarding a plane from the Twin Cities to Las Vegas to see his grandparents – his first visit with them since his chemotherapy treatments began.

Indeed, Kyle's most recent treatment for Hodgkins lymphoma was just two days before the Jan. 29 trip and Dawn was concerned about his bouts with nausea, particularly since they were seated in row 26 of their flight.

Moving on up

Dawn asked the agent at the Sun Country gate if they could perhaps board the plane early, along with the first class passengers. The answer: certainly; in fact would you like to sit closer to the front of the plane and the first class restrooms? How about row 4?

The agent also passed word to the crew about Kyle's presence on the flight and his unusual circumstances.

Soon mother and son were invited to board the plane before any other travelers so that the pilot could meet Kyle and pose for a photo with him in the cockpit.

As other passengers boarded, it became apparent that one row in first class was vacant. Until Dawn and Kyle accepted the crew's invitation to sit there.

'Heart is overwhelmed'

Needless to say, the special attention her son received has made Dawn Marchiafava a fervent admirer of Sun Country Airlines, as she indicated in Facebook messages to BringMeTheNews and Sun Country.

A Sun Country spokeswoman tells BringMeTheNews the airline's employees were acting on their own but the company encourages them to take care of passengers and show compassion.

It certainly won them the devotion of Dawn Marchiafava, who wrote "This momma's heart is overwhelmed by the entire staff."

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