Floodwaters recede, but some areas still inaccessible

Flood waters in the lakes country of north central Minnesota are just beginning to recede following last week's deluge of rainfall, MPR reports. Fishing and camping spots are among the places only accessible by boat.
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The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers predicts the water level will likely crest Friday on Big Sandy Lake in Aitkin County, where dozens of homes were flooded, MPR says.

Elsewhere in the flooded Northland:

Gov. Mark Dayton is back in Duluth again Friday to talk about the federal disaster designation process, the Duluth News Tribune reports. The visit comes after several days of Federal Emergency Management Agency teams visiting areas of the state hit by last week’s flooding.

The Minnesota Ballet was maybe the hardest-hit local arts organization, with an estimated 90 percent of sets and backdrops damaged, the News Tribune writes. Duluth is awash in volunteers, the News Tribune says.

But exhausted, water-weary volunteers in Moose Lake need reinforcements, WDIO reports.

Heavy rain and hail has hurt a number of farmers, WCCO reports.

Inevitably, the "I survived" the flooding T-shirts are selling already, WDIO says.

On the other side of Minnesota, in the Red River Valley, disaster recovery is old hat. Officials in those communities say patience and attention to detail are the keys to getting through the flood recovery process, MPR reports.

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Many Duluth homes still not safe; flood damage estimates climbing

Hundreds of residents in the low-lying Fond du Lac area of Duluth still cannot return after massive flooding in northeastern Minnesota this week. Damage estimates are climbing and more rain is expected. Meanwhile, congressional lawmakers pledge federal support. And kids in Duluth opened a lemonade stand to raise money for the Lake Superior Zoo, which was hit hard by the floodwaters.

After the flood, life goes on in Duluth; zoo plans to open next week

After the floods in Duluth, an army of volunteers has stepped in to fill a gap between when emergency workers leave and more long-term help arrives. Race routes have been altered, but the events will go on. Biking and hiking trails are open. And the zoo plans to reopen on Friday with most of the park's 483 animals on display.

Deluge in Duluth: boy rescued, zoo animals drown

Torrential rain caused major flooding in Duluth Wednesday. A state of emergency was declared. Police told residents to stay home. At least one neighborhood was evacuated and roads and highways were closed, including Interstate 35 at several points. The Lake Superior Zoo was badly flooded and a number of animals drowned.

Flood of trash replaces flood waters in NE Minnesota

Now that the waters have abated in northeastern Minnesota following last week's storms, area residents are dealing with a flood of trash. The Western Lake Superior Sanitary District's Materials Recovery Center in Duluth is one of the destinations for the trash, which is coming in from a 530 square mile area covering St. Louis and Carlton counties.

Duluth scrambles to fix flood-ravaged streets

It's been four months since flooding devastated the streets of Duluth, and now winter is closing in fast. Street crews are racing to get as much work done as they can before snow and ice burrow into holes and makes them even bigger, forcing repair costs higher, WDIO reports.