Florida cafe gets abuse over Minneapolis coffee shop's anti-Trump stance


A Twin Cities coffee shop's announcement that Donald Trump supporters are not welcome had unintended consequences for another business – in Florida.

Earlier this month, Urban Bean Coffee implemented an anti-Trump policy at its two Minneapolis cafes, posting on its Facebook page: "If you support this moron, do not ‘like’ ‘follow’ or spend money in our stores."

The post proved controversial on social media, but not everyone opposed to the coffee shop's stance directed their anger in the right place.

An innocent bystander in the furore is The Urban Bean Coffeehouse Cafe in Orange Park – around 1,500 miles by road from Urban Bean's Lyndale Avenue shop – which became the target of ire from Trump supporters.

The Florida cafe's owner posted this message on its Facebook page on Tuesday.


Pam Hegel, another owner at the Orange Park cafe, told Jacksonville Restaurant Reviews they have been receiving angry emails and found replying to each one was taking time away from running the business.

And the website says despite the clarifications on Facebook and its website, some people are still messaging them as they're under impression they are affiliated with the Minneapolis cafes.

"We would never refuse service to anyone based on their political views or anything else," she said.

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