Fly from MN to Aruba in the winter? Sun Country is sure people will be interested

This would be the only direct flight from MSP to the island of Aruba.

Picture this: It's the middle of January here in Minnesota. You haven't felt above-zero air on your frozen skin in days. Your entire life revolves around spending as little time out in the elements as possible.

And then you hop on a flight straight to the Caribbean island of Aruba, where the average temps during that time are between 77 and 85 degrees.

This is probably exactly what Sun Country was thinking when it decided to add a direct flight from MSP Airport to Aruba, a move the airline announced Wednesday.

This will be the only nonstop direct flight to Aruba from the Twin Cities airport, MSP spokesperson Patrick Hogan confirmed. A Kayak search right now comes up with flights that usually involve one stop in the southeast (like Florida or Atlanta.)

The new service will start in December of 2017 and be offered through April of 2018, the airline says. There will be one flight per week, leaving on Saturdays from Dec. 23 through April 7, bringing people to Queen Beatrix International Airport.

Officials with the Aruba airport and Aruba Tourism Authority praised the move, while Sun Country President and CEO Zarir Erani said they're excited to let passengers "experience everything the island has to offer."

Sun Country is adding another route at the same time: From MSP Airport to Tucson, Arizona. It's Sun Country's second Arizona destination, and will run every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from Dec. 21 through April 15.

Sun Country is based in the Twin Cities, and operates out of Terminal 2 at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. You can see all the cities they travel to here.

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